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When creating your wedding day, you’re not only building the picture-perfect event for you to enjoy with your partner, but you are also given the opportunity to share this important moment with your closest family and friends. Buy wedding favours from local markets In building out your wedding, one of the important parts to help end the night and leave your guests with a memento from the day is picking out the perfect wedding favour. This is the chance to get creative and gift your loved ones with something that will remind them of your joyous celebration and thank them for making the effort to share it with you.

However, picking out the perfect wedding gift for your guests can be challenging. Every wedding guest list is incredibly diverse, often including older family and friends, children, co-workers, and more. You don’t want to pick something that is tacky and overdone, but you also don’t want to go to overtop and extravagant. Further, the wedding gift market is often repetitive, littered with old ideas that generally take up space rather than leave that lasting impression that nicely completes the day. We have found that nothing says creativity, appreciation, and authenticity like working directly with artisans from street markets and art districts from around the world to provide the ultimate wedding favor.

By using our service, we are able to connect with you with hundreds of artists from dozens of mediums across the globe that can provide your wedding with a unique and unforgettable present that your guests will cherish for a lifetime. When using local artisans, you are able to handpick crafts and gifts that can match any theme and leave your guests with the desired send-off while supporting these businesses directly.

Maldives wedding couple
Maldives wedding couple

One of our favorite artisan markets for wedding favors is Mexico. Mexico is a beautiful country that has an incredibly diverse culture. In Mexico, we are able to connect you with artisans from thousands of markets and art districts across the hundreds of cities that make Mexico so unique. Mexican art is influenced by the strong indigenous cultures and traditions as well as the European and Spanish influences that blend together to make Mexican art vibrant and one of a kind. Mayan, Aztec, and countless other indigenous cultures still influence much of the art seen in local markets today, including Aztec calendars, Mayan statues and paintings, colorful pottery, kitchen tools like molcajetes, and other hand-crafted items that trace their history back thousands of years. In addition, Spanish and European influences have inspired some of the most beautiful silver jewellery, intricate Mexican tiles, and catholic inspired art that is perfect for religious wedding favors.

The Mexican artists we work with offer a large variety of crafts that can be perfect for a wide range of themes to fit your perfect day. They can come in a wide range of colors, materials, and sizes that work for countless themes and ideas. The street markets in Mexico are teeming with hand-carved wooden cutlery, intricately braided bracelets, complex painted wooden sculptures, and countless types of art that can help leave the lasting impression you want for your wedding day.

If you work with Mexican artists instead of a standard corporate wedding vendor, you can also choose gifts that fit the specific theme of your wedding, based on the color, location, or sentiment you want to express.. Anyone can get a monogrammed coaster or personalized candy, but gifting art that is designed or selected specifically for your wedding adds a special touch that is incredibly rare and extravagant for any wedding. We promise to guide you along the process as we find the right vendor that fits your needs in both quantity, quality, and design. Your satisfaction is always our main concern as we work tirelessly to make sure the vendor you work with is right for you.

Thai Wedding celebration

Working with these craftsmen directly also allows us to remove the added expenses that many traditional wedding vendors cannot afford. Providing unique internationally-themed gifts is not impossible, but often, extremely expensive. However, by connecting with these locals directly, we are able to provide you with the ultimate gift at a more reasonable price compared to more corporate entities.

Another perk of working with local artisans is that in celebrating your wedding, you are also supporting small businesses that don’t get the global attention and reach that many other companies have. The artists we work with are directly from the street markets and art districts that make so many of these places unique and sought after. By using our services and working with local masters, you are helping spread the reach of their art, their culture, and their message and will intertwine their works with your wedding.

Your wedding day is without a doubt, one of the most important days of your life. Making your dream day real takes years of planning and ideation, and we are here to help. Every wedding has guests, whether they are many or few, old or young, close family or everyone in the neighborhood. The best way to leave a lasting impression is to give them a gift that is unique and meaningful. We want to help you create that lasting memory for you and all your guests.

By working with us at Pigee, we promise to work with you so you have wedding favours that your guests will never forget. Working with artisans from around the globe, such as the talented and diverse ones in Mexico, we can give your wedding that special touch that you won’t find anywhere else this wedding season. No matter what the theme, color, location, or memory that you want your wedding to have, we promise to work with you to make that dream come true. If you are interested, contact us as soon as possible so we can start helping you with your wedding day. read more

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