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Shopping for homewares whilst on vacation can be a great way to pick up characterful pieces that remind you of your trip and the pocket-friendly prices only make shopping in Bali even more fun. We look into how to find the best glassware, pottery and textiles and more importantly, how to get it home intact! 

We can’t help but notice that this summers interior’s trend has been dominated by looks from Bali. From ceramics to beautiful wood and wicker furniture. We’ve rounded up some top tips to help with your homeware shopping on your travels. 


You may have an image of yourself stumbling upon a treasure trove of Balinese tiles or handmade spatterware pottery while wandering down sunlit streets. But if you’re serious about finding some homeware gems, you will probably need to put in a little more effort. 

The Sukawati or Ubud market are both great places to stop by and shop for traditional Bali items. Remember to take your time and shop around the market before making a purchase. Two years ago I bought a beautiful glass terrarium at Ubud Market. I managed to find two different terrariums whilst walking through the market. The second was the perfect size for my coffee table back home. I attempted to wrap the terrarium in clothing within my hand luggage, but unfortunately it shattered during the journey home, whelp. 

Woman holds a glass terrarium in Ubud market, Bali. Pigee

Seminyak is full of unique markets and some galleries such as the Saya Gallery for those who don’t mind spending a little more. While Bambooku and Kuluk Gallery are perfect spots for those in search of treasures within a budget. You can visit the Saya Gallery Monday to Saturday 11AM to 7PM and Kuluk Gallery from 10AM to 5PM. 

Do your research before hitting the markets. Look up opening times and try to avoid busy periods and to ensure you get the best deals! 


Picture it: you’ve purchased a beautiful piece of ceramic pottery for a great price. You thought you had carefully wrapped it up inside your suitcase. Only to unpack and find a mess of smashed-up shards. So how can you avoid homewares heartbreak and ensure your purchases literally go the distance? The Pigee app, simple. 

Pigee will pack, ship, and bring your purchased items home to your doorstep. Say goodbye to restricted carry-on space and avoid exuberant baggage fees; this app provides a stress-free trip back home for your goods. Oversized or bulky items are no longer an issue, allowing you to enjoy all of those enticing ceramics you never thought you would get home from Bali. Packed with a bunch of useful features into a single, easy-to-use app, including instant verified seller and product search, plus quick QR scanning.


Every item is insured and Pigee keeps delivery cost at a minimum, guaranteed to find you the lowest price. And the shopping needn’t stop there – once home, if you decide to purchase more items from that store, you can do so. View the store’s offering and can add items to your cart as if you were on eBay or Amazon. 


Ultimately shopping for homewares during a getaway should be enjoyable. So don’t stress! Take your time, talk to local people you are buying from and enjoy the experience. Often the item you buy will remind you of that person, holiday and trip, so it’s important to enjoy it – you are on vacation after all! You may even end up enjoying that memory more than the actual item you buy.  

Pigee’s Founder and CEO, Leroy Lawrence agrees too: Pigee is a marketplace designed for local crafters and sellers. Unlike Etsy or Amazon, you can be sure the work is unique and original. We’re providing people access to a market that was once logistically limited to them. People can now connect with locals and buy and collect meaningful items – unique items that have attached memories and experiences to them, that they can long enjoy even after their trip has ended.” 

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