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Are you looking for a new Local Alternatives skincare routine with new products? In today’s market, there are so many options to choose from. Whether it be a brand name, local, or speciality, every product has its own set of benefits.

For many people, the first option when looking for a new skincare product is to seek out the leading products in the industry. After all, it’s easy, and the results of those products are usually tried and true.

But wait, what if I told you there’s more

Local and speciality products hold an additional complete set of extra and unique benefits of their own. For instance, local products have less harsh chemicals, more natural ingredients, and environmentally friendly production techniques, in addition to great skincare results. They also support the local economy, benefiting families and small businesses. These aspects are sometimes crucial for the conscious consumer before completing a purchase.

One of the most popular skincare brands is Seytu Skincare by Omnilife. Once started as a local brand, this line of products has since become a household name in Mexico and is now available in the United States and another 20 countries internationally.

But Seytu Skincare is not the only well-known name in the industry. Others include L’Oreal, Vichy, La Roche Posey, and the hundreds of widely advertised brands out there. Unfortunately, it might be because of this over dominance in advertising that sometimes, it is not easy to find alternative quality local brands.

At Pigeepost, we bring you updates and details on everything local to keep you well informed about what products and services you can find made in your local community.

How Are Skincare Products Formulated?

Skincare products come in various forms of applications, including:

  • Creams
  • Oils
  • Water-Based
  • Patches

Each formula has a specific design for a specific application. However, the method of formulation tends to remain the same. Skincare products contain four types of ingredients:

  1. The base
  2. The active ingredient
  3. An emulsifier
  4. Scent / color

The desired benefits, together with the method of application, are achieved by using both traditional and modern chemistry techniques.

When shopping locally, fewer industrialized chemicals are used in the production process. So, it is easy to identify each ingredient and what it is supposed to do. This is also possible for many medicines in order to deal with allergies, adverse reactions, and discomfort.

Interesting fact: There are specialized local pharmacies called “compounding pharmacies” that can create medicines in house utilizing diverse high-quality ingredients that best fit your needs.

What if I told you certain local cosmetic brands could do the same for your skincare needs?

Benefits of Locally Sourced Ingredients.

Find natural skin products
Find natural skin products

Firstly, locally farmed and harvested ingredients are environmentally friendly. They are usually part of the natural flora and grow when in season. Consequently, these ingredients do not need as many industrialized chemicals, pesticides, growth factors, and transportation to bring them to market. And, let’s also consider that many of these ingredients have come to life using age-old techniques, passed on for generations, sometimes for centuries.

Combining these ingredients results in holistic properties with multiple benefits. For example, a coconut moisturizer would contain coconut extract, cream base, and coconut scent. The cream could also contain coconut oil, providing additional coconut benefits, such as soothing the skin sensations, moisture, vitamins, and a pleasant aroma.

Essential oils are another prevalent type of local ingredient. Natural oils come from flowers, barks, leaves, and seeds. Some of the famous oils include lavender oil for relaxation, tea tree oil for cooling, and almond oil for its excellent base application.

Benefits Of Locally Produced Products.

When you use locally made skincare products, you also gain direct access to the owners and formulators themselves. They could help you with your questions and could potentially troubleshoot your skincare routine as well.

Amazing! Right? Finding the best skincare routine sometimes takes a lot of research and trial and error, so speaking directly with the experts is exceptionally helpful.

As local producers create their products regularly or seasonally, they tend to have a more secure supply, making shortages less likely. Particularly helpful if you need to continue a routine for a certain amount of time. Considering the production cycle, it is also much easier. It is much easier to get freshly made products with fewer ingredients. Using preservation techniques can sometimes result in adverse reactions or a loss of some benefits.

High-quality locally made skincare products are synonymous with great attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship. Think of the formulators as Michelin Chefs. They understand their product like the back of their hands; they are constantly experimenting and designing newer formulas with passion and knowledge. Usually, many breakthroughs in skincare occur at this level. To develop their products, even the largest and most popular brands resort to this exact trial and error method, aka research and development. So, by creating a relationship with your local brands, you may always remain at the forefront of what the skincare scene has to offer.

Where to find local alternatives skincare companies?

Pigee is an online-based marketplace for all your local needs. We strive to bring local businesses to the forefront online and provide them with an equal playing field against major brands.

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Local natural skincare products can be the next best thing for your skin. They are great alternatives to major brands like Seytu and are worth trying out. Make sure to check out Pigee to find the highest quality local skincare products. read more

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