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You’ve just found the product you want to sell. You have a great product, but your product photos are lacklustre or boring. It’s time for an upgrade! Product photography is one of the most neglected elements in e-commerce marketing and product listings. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Here are some basic tips on how to take great product photographs that will help boost your store and conversion rates:

Pigee Seller taking a product photo

1) Have a background – The best type of background is subtle and plain white with no texture. Or patterning, but this can also depend on what you’re selling. If you don’t want to shoot against a plain backdrop, find something textured. Like burlap or linen that won’t distract from your product.

A high quality and realistic product image is more likely to convince potential buyers, as opposed to showing them an amateur shot of the item you want them to purchase

2) Be inspired – Take inspiration from brands you love. For product photography, try to emulate the style of brands who do product shots well. This could be anything from Apple’s minimalist product images, to Target’s beautiful lifestyle imagery.

Bad Photos Mean Less Sales!

Most eCommerce stores fail because they don’t provide their users with the best possible user experience and presentation. Copying the style of product sellers you like will greatly increase your sales.

3) Display the details – product product photography is more than just capturing a well-lit product from the right angle. It’s about showing off your product in the best possible light and selling what you’re selling.

If there are any features of your product that make it stand out, put them front and center! Whether its flaps on purses, drawers for jewellery or pockets on clothes – show potential buyers exactly why they should be purchasing this item over all others.

Pigee Seller taking a product photo

4) SEO – To make sure customers actually find your amazing product photos makes sure they are given the best possible choice to find them. Use relevant keywords for your product description so that product searches will display your product page. Write an engaging product description with relevant keywords to help the product rank better in search results.

If you really want customers to buy your products on the Pigee App. Make sure you take great photos!

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