Locally Moroccan Made Carpet

I was on a trip to Morocco when I saw a fantastic locally made carpet. The rug was way too big for me to take back to the USA. I thought that all hope of getting it home was lost. Then the seller told me about Pigee. I’d never heard of Pigee, but after he explained the process to me. I knew I could buy the rug of my dreams without worrying about how to get it home. Finally, I had a solution to an age-old problem for travellers like myself. Using Pigee, an app designed for this type of situation.

I was hesitant at first, but I decided to try it. I downloaded the app and created an account. After that, it was easy to follow the steps to purchase the rug. I paid in my native currency which avoided me having to google exchange rates. The seller received payment directly and had access to it as soon as my carpet was collected by the shipping company later that day. I received an email and ongoing notifications telling me that the rug had been collected and I could track it online within the Pigee App.

The whole process was so easy, and I didn’t have to worry about anything. Pigee made it possible for me to buy the rug of my dreams without any stress. I would recommend using Pigee if you’re ever in a situation like this. It’s a lifesaver!

I’m No Tech Wizard!

The entire buying process was simple, almost too simple. I’m not a tech wizard, so I was a little hesitant about whether the entire buying process would be simple. But, to my surprise, it was extremely easy. The shop owner had already noted the dimension and weight of the carpet when they listed it. So, I only had to add the carpet to my cart in the App and agree to the shipping cost. After that, it felt like everything was done for me!

The seller of the locally made carpet told me that they loved how easy it was to use Pigee. They said that it was the easiest way to receive payments from international customers. I didn’t know what to think at first. I mean, the guy was a stranger, but I had the feeling that he knew what he was talking about.

If you’ve ever travelled internationally, you know how some people are when they try to sell you something. You never know whether they’re lying to you. But the seller was totally cool, and we had a great conversation about the history of Moroccan locally made carpet and rugs. He wasn’t trying to pull one over on me.

I was worried about my information security, but the entire process was safe and secure. I never had to worry about my personal information being compromised. Everything was handled by Pigee, which made me feel a lot better. The only third parties that had my personal information were the shipping company and the payment service. This meant the seller only had the information I had given him such as my name and how much I love to buy rugs.

Pigee Handled Everything

I knew that by how professional the App was, everything would be okay. I didn’t feel that the seller was taking advantage of me. The way that Pigee handled everything made me feel like they were on my side and only had my best interests at heart.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the rug, even on my flight home. Kept telling myself that it was okay to get excited because the locally made carpet would soon be in my hands. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself and start celebrating until it really happened, but deep down inside, I knew that I would get my dream rug.

When it happened, words can’t describe how happy I felt! The locally made carpet was delivered to my doorstep, and it was the same one I saw in Morocco. I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy that I ordered the rug with Pigee, and now my dream of having a Moroccan carpet in my home has come true.

Using Pigee Again During My Latest Thailand Vacation

Since that initial experience my wife and I just got back from our latest Thailand vacation. I used Pigee to purchase a few souvenirs for friends and family. It was so easy to use, and I loved how everything was organized.

I didn’t want to lug gifts for my friends, family, and co-workers’ home with me. It’s such a hassle, and it’s even more so when your wife packs her entire dresser in both your suitcases. There was no room for my clothes, let alone any souvenirs.

I knew Pigee Would Rescue Me

Walking around looking at all the things for sale when I began to think about the rug I bought in Morocco. I knew that Pigee would rescue me. My wife was able to buy the things we wanted from her iPhone and pay for them safely with a credit card. I would have the things I wanted and wouldn’t have to worry about my luggage being too heavy.

My instinct was right; Pigee came through for me. I bought everything I wanted to give as gifts and a few souvenirs I wanted for my collection. I was surprised to learn that people in Thailand used Pigee too, and so did many of the tourists I encountered.

The sellers loved how easy it was to use Pigee. They said that it was the easiest way to receive payments from buyers worldwide. Of course, each shop owner had a different story, but the overall message was clear: Pigee made it easy for them to do business.

Everyone was happy that the transactions went smoothly. The sellers loved that they could sell more stuff since people weren’t concerned about having to put it in their luggage. Pigee enabled the vendors to sell more products than they otherwise would.

I know my wife and I are going to use Pigee every time we go on vacation. I can’t imagine taking a vacation and not using Pigee. It’s so easy to use and makes everything so much easier. Not only that, but it also just makes sense!

I love that I’m helping locals by buying the fantastic things that they have for sale. I also love that I’m helping them by allowing them to make more income.

Moroccan Rug

Planning Our Next Vacation

As a matter of fact, we’re already planning our next vacation. Where are we going to go? We’re not sure yet, but I am sure that Pigee will be coming with us.

I’ll never think of buying souvenirs the same way again. If you’re anything like me, you love buying souvenirs. What’s a vacation without some kind of memento? When I was younger, the only thing I cared about was getting a T-shirt or a mug with the city’s name on it. Proudly I would wear my shirt and use my mug every day, but as I got older, my tastes changed.

I wanted something more than a T-shirt or mug that had the name of some city on it. Something more meaningful, and I didn’t want a generic souvenir from someplace in the world; I wanted something special.

Whilst searching for interesting and unique items that I could bring back. The only problem was finding the things I wanted since many things were for sale. Today, I know how to find the things that will make great souvenirs and help me bring back meaningful items from my travels.

Pigee has made it easy for me to purchase the things I want while on vacation. No more waiting in line at a gift shop or bargaining with a street vendor. With Pigee, I can buy the things I want quickly and easily.

Supporting The Local Economy

Plus, by using Pigee, I’m supporting the local economy. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for with Pigee. I can’t believe how many things I can find with Pigee. It’s incredibly easy, and there are so many things for me to choose from; it would take days to find everything I want on my own.

Not only that, but the prices are unbeatable. I can’t even come close to getting the same deals in a store. I love the fact that I can get everything I want without having to leave my hotel room or spend hours bargaining with a street vendor. A locally made carpet bought here in the US would have cost me thousands.

I’m also excited that I can help local sellers by buying directly from them instead of at a chain store. I’m a loyal Pigee customer from now on. It started with my Morocco vacation, which led to going to Thailand and who knows where else. But I do know one thing, no matter where I go, I’m taking Pigee with me.

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