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Have you ever gone on a vacation but had to buy extra luggage for the trip home? Had a mini heart attack at the airport when you learned the baggage fees? Well, I have. And it completely soured the trip! Between the extra baggage fees, the overweight fee and the new luggage, getting my shopping home cost me an extra 400 bucks. To Avoid Extra Baggage Fees

Years ago, after one very long and memorable trip, my father in law rented a truck and drove home while the rest of us boarded our plane. The cost of the truck was cheaper than the baggage fees! Plus, he might have been sick of us after 6 weeks of travelling.

That was a few years ago and since then I’ve been much more selective about my purchases. I’ve even shipped some stuff home before my flight if it’s something I really wanted. I’m strategic with my shopping and plan ahead to avoid baggage fees.

Instead of giving gifts to people, I would just ship them to them. In this day and age, baggage fees are exorbitant and can sometimes add up to the cost of another plane ticket.

One of my absolute favourite things to do in a new country is visiting the markets. Not the tourist ones, though those are fun. I like to visit the out of the way ones that locals frequent. As someone who does a fair bit of handcraft myself, I love to see what other people are working on. New projects, new materials and new techniques often inspire me to create something new for my clientele.

Too much to carry!

Being so limited in what I can bring home has put a damper on my trips. I worry about falling in love with a beautifully crafted and unique piece and then getting the bill to get it home. I’ve even cut back on the number of places I visit and the number of people I buy gifts for So Avoid airline baggage fees

Then I found the Pigee App! The pigeon that posts my souvenirs for me. And I fell in love.

Pigee Post works with crafters all around the globe to help them sell and ship their unique items, in person and in an online marketplace. It’s a marketplace designed for crafters and other sellers. Unlike Etsy or Amazon, you can be sure the work is unique and original. Not a single mass-produced item is to be found.

As a bonus, when your favourite artisan uses Pigee, you can buy another handcrafted piece without the international trip. Small businesses are still the backbone of our economies and supporting small businesses means supporting people and families instead of large multinational companies. That’s a win-win in my books.

The next time you’re shopping for one of a kind items to remember your vacation, ask your artisan if they use Pigee Post. You can pay for your item in the app, and the artist will ship it to your home. It’ll be there safe and waiting for you, without the extra baggage fees,avoid airline baggage fees

Mistakes first-time travellers often make – Avoid them!

Just remember – ask the post to hold your mail before you leave on your trip. It would be a shame to lose out to porch pirates!

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