Pandemic shopping with Pigee

Global tourism is at an all-time low due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Without tourists, local shops are suffering from lowly profits, which may lead to closing decades-long family businesses. But all is not lost. Long time merchants can use technological innovations such as phone apps, in making their business thrive in a pandemic.

And the best app for shopping today is Pigee; a new app focused to breathe life into small shops with its very unique solution.

When you buy your products from local artists, your money goes further in supporting a community. But many of these small-scale family operations don’t have the money and resources to compete with massive international retailers. Which all too often flood the market with cheap cookie-cutter items.

How is Pigee the best app for shopping in a COVID-19 Pandemic?

Here are 6 ways it does that.

best app for shopping

Reason #1: Pigee helps Local Shops say, “Hello World!”

Pigee empowers struggling shops and local stores to make their unique and authentic products globally available. Using Pigee, local enterprises can reach international audiences where their art and culture are discovered and purchased. Accredited Pigee shops display their unique products in the app and share stories of their craft in front of a global audience that’s ready to buy. Having this level of transparency is incredibly rare, especially when most products people purchase doesn’t come from a local vendor.

Reason #2: Pigee brings authentic products to Cultural Connoisseurs.

Now, more than ever, local artists are looking for solutions like Pigee to give them a competitive advantage. They can offer thousands of their priceless art forms to the world stage. Ready-to-buy virtual tourists cannot wait to purchase these indigenous practices like hand-woven tapestries, hand-carved wooden sculptures, impressive paintings, hand-blown glass, and fine jewelry,

Pigee connects them with international customers that might miss out on the opportunity to support their art.

Reason #3: Pigee helps preserve local culture.

Because avid customers can purchase locally-crafted art through Pigee, street artists, local craftsmen, and decades-old stores can sell authentic cultural products.

This unique opportunity enables them to preserve local culture, art, and history while battling factories that mass produce cheap knock-offs sold at lower prices. Nothing beats the authenticity, beauty, and craftsmanship of local artisans. 

Reason #4: Pigee contributes to local economies.

The practice of conscientiously buying art helps improve local economies. The world supports local businesses that have been hurting these last couple of years through the app. Every purchase is rewarding and vital in ensuring that countless art forms and pieces of culture will continue to have a place in the future.

For thousands of years, global economies have been built on the backs of local entrepreneurship, hard-working families who joyfully sell their art and traditions to the world. And because of this worldwide network of authentic creators via Pigee, local small businesses are getting a lifeline they desperately need.

Reason #5: Selling Locally. Competing Globally

SEO metrics, social media, and brand image can mean the difference between finding success or experiencing failure in selling your art in a highly digitized market.

Pigee is an indispensable tool to remain competitive and reach a wider audience. Moreover, it lessens a local enterprise’s dependency on seasonal tourism or someone who luckily visits their shop.

Pigee lets local entrepreneurs focus on crafting what they do best. Thus, allowing their art to shine and be the main selling point.

Reason #6: Pigee Does All The Heavy Lifting… Literally 

Flea markets and corner stores now have the backing of the best logistic companies available. From paintings to sculptures, from trinkets to treasures, whether buying in bulk or one gigantic-sized item, Pigee will take care of pick-up and shipping. Whatever product purchased from their store using Pigee will be wrapped, shipped, and delivered to their customers’ doorstep in a matter of days. Safely and securely.


Whether it’s holiday shopping, gift-giving, or addition in someones’ home, Pigee is the best app for shopping. It empowers local shops to bring authenticity and beauty to every international customer. 

Pigee uses digital technology to connect its products to consumers globally. And work with trusted shipping companies to grant the same guarantees that anyone would have when shopping at home.

With seamless connections with reputable online payment gateways, trusted worldwide shipping companies, and a captured global market that can’t wait to buy, local economies will flourish big time through Pigee.

Pigee is helping make more robust connections across the globe, breathing new life to a hurting local economy damaged by a global pandemic.Download Pigee, the best app for shopping, for FREE! Available on the Apple Apps Store and Google Play Store.

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