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Using Pigee is a Must when Shopping in International Markets

One of the best parts of international travel is shopping therapy. Exploring the art of a new region is incredibly exciting but can often come with complications. Not knowing where to find the most authentic goods for the best price, lacking the language skills to navigate conversations, or even just making sure stuff gets home in one piece can add tons of added expenses and worries to your trip. Using Pigee, you don’t have to worry about these problems any longer. Our phone app enables you to connect with local vendors from street markets around the world while on your travels or comfortably from your home. We take advantage of digital technology to help connect you with some of the best craftsmen in the world and then make sure your goods get home to you safely! Here we discover how to conquer your shopping stress.

Finding the Best Vendors

When travelling to an unknown country, it can often be difficult to locate the best markets and artisans. With countless vendors approaching you on the streets and tourist traps that lead you away from authentic art, it can be challenging to locate the best shops in town. Using Pigee’s app, finding trustworthy and genuine local art is now at the touch of your fingertips.

On the app, you can use the map function to locate the best artists wherever you’re travelling and learn about the crafts they make. Whether you’re on the streets or at home, you can use the map function to explore new areas and learn where the best artisans sell their work. All of the vendors we work with are verified and recommended by other travellers in the Pigee community. Because of this, the artists we work with can be trusted to provide you value and make sure the art that you bought is the art that will show up at your home.

Overcome Any Language Barrier

Once you have finally found the markets or artisans you like, communicating can often be the next tricky thing. Even if you have Google Translate on your phone or a basic understanding of the local language, it can be a stressful process communicating with street vendors. Luckily, Pigee has a chat function that eases the process.

Pigee’s chat function will allow you to talk with any of these vendors, whether you’re right next to them or purchasing their products from overseas. The lack of a shared language is often the largest barrier to even walking into some of these shops, let alone, trying to understand the nuances and processes of what makes their art so beautiful and unique. Whether you are trying to negotiate a price, discuss a custom order, or understand shipping, the chat function on the Pigee app is a lifesaver.

Ease of Shipping Goods Back Home

The best part of using Pigee is being able to ship home art from around the world with ease. Rather than trying to navigate local shipping companies, Pigee makes buying goods during your travels easier than ever.

For instance, if you buy a large oil painting from a local vendor, all you have to do is use the Pigee app to connect the vendor to the shipping company and you can go right back to shopping! Using a series of QR codes, the painting is immediately put into Pigee’s system so that everyone can track its progress from the local market to your home. The local shipping company goes directly to the vendor to pick up the painting, and off it goes on the long journey back to your home. No more do you have to lug around your art all day and interrupt your shopping spree. And no longer do you have to try and deal with complicated international shipping. Pigee gives you the freedom to browse international markets carefree.

Conquer Your Shopping Stress

Packing Light

Aside from the art that is often too large to bring on the plane ride home, more often than not, you won’t have the space in your luggage to buy everything you want. Overweight fees for airlines are at an all-time high and trying to bring these items home can cost you double or triple the price of the original artwork.

If you’re trying to live the carry-on only life or avoid tough packing decisions when overcome with great amounts of beautiful art, Pigee can offer some relief. By using Pigee’s app, you can walk through the markets and allow Pigee to be your personal shopping cart. Instead of lugging around art all day or stuffing heavy items into your luggage, let Pigee ship your goods home and take care of your worries.

Having Help Along the Way to Conquer Your Shopping therapy

When using a service like Pigee, the most satisfying part of the process is knowing that you’re not alone. Understanding local markets and working with international artisans can be a stressful process. Even if you know the language and how to ship products home, at the end of the day, you bear all of the risks. Working with Pigee gives you an extra line of defence in making sure that the products you bought are being taken care of.

With Pigee’s customer service team and the use of digital technology, there is always someone tracking your goods and able to answer any questions that you have. Having this kind of service right in your pocket is rare and incredibly useful. If you’re a solo traveller, unfamiliar with the area you’re in, or even just someone who wants some extra assurances, Pigee offers an invaluable service for those trying to buy products abroad. Leave your worries at home and take advantage of the incredible technology that Pigee has for you.

So if you’re someone who loves international art, someone who wants to travel light, or someone who wants extra assurances while shopping in local markets, Pigee is an incredible service that can improve your travels. Rather than spending precious time lugging art from street markets to shipping stores or paying exorbitant overweight luggage fees, save yourself some trouble on vacation and download our app today!

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