Loyiso Mzike

Loyiso Mzike is an energetic young artist. he usies vibrant and bold portraiture to celebrate African life and culture. He’s opened a number of solo shows at museums throughout South Africa and has been featured in exhibits all over the world. He has taken commissions from high profile clients including Stephen Campanelli and the Out of Africa foundation. His work has been nominated for the Design Indaba “Most Beautiful Object in South Africa” award. Mzike’s art celebrates the power of the human spirit and utilizes bright colors and harsh brush strokes. Here we can see how this amazing artist solved their logistics problem

Until recently however, Mzike had a problem. Collectors flocked to his shows in South Africa, and interested buyers from around the world contacted him through his social media pages. However Mzike was drowning in the logistics of shipping, delivering, and arranging for the handling of his pieces. He spent hours negotiating with shipping companies and communicating with his buyers. All to ensure his art arrived on time and in good condition.

Transporting art pieces is a delicate process that requires careful planning and communication. Mzike singlehandedly packaged each painting in protective materials. He made elaborate plans for shipping, often to overseas locations. He arranged for delivery services and times of arrival with each buyer. All this time Mzike wondered; is there an easier way? He was tired of using valuable time and energy worrying about the logistics of getting his art to buyers.

Disrupting The Market

That’s when Mzike discovered Pigee. Pigee streamlines all the complicated logistics of transporting art into one easy-to-navigate app. Now, instead of spending hours making shipping and delivery arrangements with contractors and his clients, Mzike simply refers his buyers to the Pigee app where they can quickly and easily arrange for art pieces to be delivered anywhere in the world.

Pigee guides buyers through a streamlined ordering process where they can specify how, where, and when they want their purchase to be delivered. The intuitive app design minimizes stress and eliminates unnecessary back and forth between artist and buyer.

Pigee specializes in shipping expensive, bulky, and delicate items like artwork. They expedite the process by working with the same vendors on a repeat basis and understand that artwork must be handled with the utmost care every step of the way. That’s why Pigee shipping partners offer insurance for the full given product value and allows buyers to track their package at every stage of the shipping process.

Pigee is the best option for artists when it comes to logistics. It offers buyers a modern way to arrange for shipping and delivery and frees up artists like Mzike to spend more time doing what they love. Not only is Pigee convenient, but it finally explains how the artist solved their logistics problem.

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