Explore the most out of your best family vacation

The average American spends nearly $10,000 per year having the best family vacation. These unforgettable experiences furnish a lifetime of memories. But how can you guarantee that your whole family will enjoy your next adventure?

If you want to design the most memorable vacation possible, here are seven ways to do it. 

#1 – Researching on the best vacation spots for the season

Researching on the best family vacation spots for the season can be as effortless as turning your computer on and typing the keywords you have in mind. You can read online reviews about the places you plan to visit. How about checking different travel websites or reading travel magazines about the best places to visit?

Another effective way of planning a vacation is by speaking to people who have travelled. Talk to friends and family who have visited the place you have in mind. Ask them what they enjoyed the most (or didn’t like). Also, if you have a travel agent who can recommend places, go ahead and ask.

#2 – Review if the location is accessible to public transportation

When planning a vacation, check if the location is accessible by public transportation. You can’t do everything by car or taxi. Some things need to be done on foot, by bus, train, or even on horseback. Besides, experiencing the local way of moving around makes your vacation a learning experience. “Do as the locals do,” as people say.

However, there are some places where public transport is limited. So it is a good idea to research the area you are going to before booking, especially if you have small children, old folks, or people with disabilities with you.

While we’re not necessarily implying you never go somewhere that requires a car, it does make sense to consider the hassle and expense of getting around in an unfamiliar city. Make sure to check how easy it is to go to and from where you’re staying.

#3 – Do not forget to rest during your trip

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not including rest times in their itinerary. Sure, you want to see everything that country or city has to offer. But do you realize how exhausted you can become?

Travelling is exhausting. Make sure you include some downtime in-between trips to sites. Sleep is a natural part of life, such as eating, drinking, and breathing. You cannot live without it. Your body uses sleep to repair itself. It is the best time to recharge your batteries. Try to plan your trip to have a bit of time to recuperate. Make sure everyone has plenty of sleep, specifically when you have children on the trip. Include sleep or nap times into account your child’s schedule to restlessness. Nothing like a cranky child in public.

#4 – Shoot tons of vacation pictures and video

Laughter. Experiences. Sights and sounds. Memories. Take as many pictures and videos as on your vacation. Photographs and videos tell the whole story. Having these memories preserved helps you re-experience your vacation when everything is over. You can take pictures anywhere and anytime. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Now, you don’t need a fancy camera to take pictures. Instead, you can use your smartphone. The latest smartphones have features that can be at par with digital cameras. What’s important is taking the right kind of pictures. Smiling kids. Shocked faced. Even crying. Capture these moments on photo or video.

A friendly reminder: Please make sure you experience the vacation alone through the camera lens. Be present at the moment. Savour the time being with your family. There is nothing more precious than time well spent.

#5 – Don’t bring too much stuff

Taking a vacation means leaving your life behind for a few days or weeks. Thus, do not take your entire house with you. Just bring the essentials. Do you need a whole suitcase full of clothes for a tropical island trip? Do you need a formal gown for a trip to Japan (unless you are attending a formal gala)?

It would be best to have a checklist of things you need for your trip. Then, bring the essentials and get rid of the excess. If you’re travelling with your family, make sure to keep the number of things you bring to a minimum. Check with the place where you are staying if they have any towels, toothbrushes, etc. Kids can get a toy or two but not their entire toy chest.

You need to be as mobile as possible without sacrificing the things you need. Bear this in mind: Less luggage also means fewer expenses on baggage fees, which leads us to the next point.

#6 – Establish your budget for the vacation

Sky’s the limit only works if you are a billionaire. But for the rest of us, we work with a realistic budget. Budget planning is one of the most vital things to do before a vacation. Your budget will ensure that you do not overspend or run out of money during the break. You can set expectations, figure out which places you can go to, venues to eat, and souvenirs to bring home.

As a family, you need to decide how much you will spend on the trip. It would be best to consider airfare, lodging, transportation, activities, and even emergency expenses.

Do your research. Check the rates of hotels in the place you plan to visit. Double-check your country’s money conversion rate and see if your budget will go a long way. There might even be promos in the area, such as complimentary breakfast or transportation from the airport and back.

Having a budget doesn’t make you stingy. On the contrary, it is a responsible way to enjoy your vacation without going home broke.

#7 – Utilize technology to your advantage. 

Today’s technology will make things better during your vacation. You can research the places to go, book your plane and pay online, reserve your tickets to a museum, and even get that villa of your dreams. You can achieve these through the power of tech.

When you’re there, use your phone to find restaurants, places to shop, museums, attractions, and much more. Your phone becomes a mini guide to wherever you go.

With regards to photos and video, please read tip number 4.

Many free travel apps like TripAdvisor, Google Trips, and Lonely Planet will help plan your trip.

But for a new and immersive shopping experience, you can use Pigee. Pigee guides to local shops and stores where you can purchase the most exotic and culturally-relevant souvenirs today. You can download the Pigee app via the Apple Appstore or Google Play.


Always remember. You can have the best family vacation as long as you are with the people you love. It is the opportunity to spend quality time together, bond, laugh, and learn more about each other. These seven tips can help you plan your trip. But what you make of it is up to you.

Have an unforgettable vacation!

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