Pigee Travel Insurance

Pigee Travel Insurance

With the inconvenience of travel during the pandemic, the temptation to travel home during the holidays is not as feasible for many living abroad during this time. Moving abroad or travelling is difficult, for it can be a lonely and frustrating experience. For expatriates who move long-term, every aspect of their life changes, from navigating foreign bureaucracy to making new friends, and learning languages. Still, it is possible to create a new “home” abroad and still feel that sense of familiarity and happiness. So we explain how to join ex-pats to celebrate Christmas wherever you are. here we talke about Stretch your travel insurance

How do you keep holiday traditions alive without having that same comfort? Holidays for ex-pats and other travellers can look very different than what they are used to. This feeling isn’t unique to some because millions of people travel and move abroad every year. As with everything else that changes in an expat’s life, the holidays can bring an onset of unexpected challenges. Regardless of the length of stay in a place, every person creates long-form habits and traditions over the course of many years. To break out of this requires a certain level of adaptability.

This often means, when they can’t return home during the year, they end up missing holidays. After weeks or months of having these adventures and coving through hundreds of souvenirs, at some point they will want to send gifts home to their loved ones, and vice versa. Even when they are happy in their new country, they will start to miss certain items from home that they cannot get now.

How to Send and Receive Christmas Gifts When Living Abroad

What if it was possible to send and receive gifts from around the world, such as in Bali or Morocco? For many ex-pats, the call of sandy beaches, beautiful jungles, and artisan markets bring them to places such as Mexico. Picture yourself strolling the markets in Mexico City and you see an interesting and beautiful piece of artwork from one of the street vendors. After speaking to the seller for a while, you start to imagine how happy your sister would be to have this piece hanging in her home.

After splurging on travelling, you can’t help but consider how expensive and challenging it would be to fly home. Just to give this artwork to give to your sister for the holidays. The shopkeeper then asks if you have used Pigee before. An app where people can buy and send items from around the world. Shipping them home at cheaper than international postal services and being quoted the exact fee whilst still in the shop.

With the app, Pigee, your problem would be solved! You can have the opportunity to buy and send items from the country you are into with loved ones back home. This removes the hassle and cost of having to travel back and forth yourself or pay for expensive shipping services.

What is Pigee?

Pigee is a travel companion App that helps connect travellers to local stores and markets around the world. Your items get packed and shipped to your door without having to be at the mercy of airline baggage fees. It is simply an application on your phone, so you can be connected anywhere on the go!

How do I send gifts?

While shopping, you can ask the seller if they use Pigee. Then scan the seller QR code to connect and view the product you want to buy. You can complete your order in just a matter of a few moments including the shipping cost. Soon your items will be packed up and sent off to their new home! You can track the shipping directly in the app, so don’t stress! Your gifts are already insured. Finally, you just wait for the loving and happy messages from your family or friends. They will be ecstatic when they receive their Christmas gifts.

When searching for the perfect gift to send, think about what would your family and friends want if they were to step foot in the country with you? Tourists love souvenirs that remind them easily of where it’s from and of the moment it was purchased. Items like clothes, miniature sculptures, jewellery, or paintings are things to look out for on your travels!

How do I receive gifts from home?

In the same way, you can send items from the local markets to your loved ones, they can do the same for you! You probably miss your favourite comfort snacks or souvenir that reminds you of your home country. They can send it directly to your apartment, Airbnb, or hotel in a blink. Make every day feel like it’s Christmas! This is all guaranteed to you travel insurance

The holiday season evokes strong emotions and the experience these months bring mean different things to everyone. No matter where you are in the world, it is possible to bring these holiday traditions to your doorstep. Allowing you to make a mark in your loved ones’ lives, even thousands of miles apart. With a steaming cup of hot chocolate in hand and messages from your loved ones, you can still enjoy your adventurous and multicultural life during your holiday season abroad and enjoy travel insurance.

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