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The benefits of shopping from local markets and small businesses alike are endless. Pigee aims to empower these businesses and make their products widely accessible. When you buy your products from local artists, your money goes much further in supporting a community. While getting more authentic and unique products. But many of these small-scale family operations don’t have the money and resources to compete with massive international retailers. Which all too often flood the market with cheap cookie-cutter items. Here we can see how Pigee is breathing life into small scale shops

Using Pigee, consumers and small businesses can reach a global audience where art and culture from around the world can be more easily shared and appreciated. Pigee is helping make stronger connections throughout the world. In many cases, Pigee is breathing new life into small-scale shops that are hurting from the dominance of international retailers. Not to mention the effect the pandemic has had on global tourism.

One of the great perks that Pigee provides for travelers and global customers, is that it delivers the same promise and guarantee that these larger corporations can. But with better products. When you’re traveling and you find a painting, sculpture, or gift that would be perfect for friends home. There are plenty of obstacles that prevent you from making that purchase. Getting this piece of art home can cost more than triple what you paid for it. The art might get broken on its journey. The struggle of figuring out how to get it home might not be worth it.

Pandemic’s Effect on Tourism

At this point, it’s easy for so many of us to throw our hands up in the air in frustration. Go to the big-box retailer and find the cheap and dingy alternative to the art you fell in love with. But this is no way to live. These kinds of barriers are often fatal to small businesses all over the world. Many of your favorite holiday destinations rely on tourism as a major component of the economy. That includes street artists, local craftsmen, and the like.

With global tourism at an all-time low due to the pandemic, these local vendors are suffering now more than ever. These artists offer an invaluable product to the market. Thousands of art forms from all over the world are only able to be kept alive due to tourism. Indigenous practices like hand-woven tapestries, hand-carved wooden sculptures. And so much more are at a growing risk of dying out because a factory can do it that much faster and at a fraction of the cost. But with machined products, comes the loss of authenticity, uniqueness, and overall beauty.

Using Pigee to help breathe new life into these local businesses doesn’t just expand access to more authentic art. It helps preserve culture, art, and history. The practice of conscientiously buying art helps improve local economies. But it also provides a service to the world that is being lost with each new factory or chain store. They go up and put these families out of business.

A Solution for Local Creators

So now more than ever, local artists are looking for solutions like Pigee to give them a competitive advantage. Against international e-commerce retailers and big box stores. For businesses, it’s as easy as applying online and getting your business on the map. For thousands of people to see across the world. Businesses are able to take their art, post it online. And ship it to anyone who is looking to buy a little piece of authentic culture. Whether it is paintings, hand-blown glass, or fine jewelry. Pigee will help the businesses connect with international customers that might miss out otherwise.

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Pigee Breathing Life Into Small Scale Shops

In a highly digitized market. SEO metrics, social media, and brand image can mean the difference between finding success in selling your art or not. Pigee is an indispensable tool for businesses to remain competitive and reach a wider audience. It allows businesses to depend less on seasonal tourism and the luck of hoping someone happens across your shop. Pigee lets you focus on creating and crafting what you do best. It allows for the art to shine and be the main selling point.

Using Pigee empowers people around the world to find art that is truly authentic. Using the app, people can browse local artists and learn about their processes. Their stories, and what that art means to them. Having this level of transparency is incredibly rare. Especially when the majority of products people buy don’t come from a local vendor. Now, using Pigee’s phone app, one can either sit on their couch comfortably or browse international markets. Or easily explore the vast number of local vendors in other countries!

Empowering People Around The World

Pigee uses digital technology to connect its products to consumers on a global scale. And work with trusted shipping companies to grant the same guarantees that anyone would have when shopping at home. Because of this global network of authentic creators, Pigee is creating. These small businesses are getting a lifeline that wasn’t there before.

Whether you’re doing some holiday shopping, gift-giving, or renovating your home. Including authentic goods from local shops around the world adds a unique touch and piece of culture that is exceedingly rare in our world today. While the products from the big chains are sometimes cheaper. They often lack the authenticity and beauty that art from local craftsmen can provide. Further, how you spend your money is more and more important.

Knowing that with your purchase you are supporting local businesses that have been hurting these last couple of years is not only rewarding but vital. Ensuring countless art forms and pieces of culture continue to have a place in the future. Our global economy for thousands of years has been built on the backs of hard-working families who find joy in sharing their art and traditions with the world. Now, Pigee has made this process incredibly easy for customers and businesses alike to connect with a global audience and give a lifeline to local economies.

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