Who is excited about travelling again this spring? When the winter doldrums get me down, I start dreaming about travelling to exciting destinations. Snow free destinations! Like France😊 Now all I can think about is shopping for crafts in France.

Though Paris may get some snow, and the mountain regions definitely get snow, much of the country stays snow free.

The best part of any trip is the gifts and souvenirs you bring home from every trip. I always pack a collapsible duffle bag on my trips because I end up with too much for my original luggage.

I love wandering out of the normal tourist traps to look for beautiful items that really represent the people of the country I’m visiting. And I want to make sure the souvenirs I bring back can help recreate a little bit of my trip at home when the snow is too high.

Provence, France hits all these high points for me. It is world renowned for its markets. They’re held almost every day of the week. The artisan markets carry high quality and unique hand-crafted items from local artists. Weaved throughout the market stalls are small cafes to take a load off and enjoy a hot chocolate.

Cecilio shop, France
Cecilio shop, France

Saint Remy

Each Wednesday, Saint Remy hosts an amazing market with hand crafted ceramics, small batch items like soap and lotion and custom carved wooden kitchen ware.

Not to be missed is the antiques market at L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. Held every Saturday, this market is treasure trove of the old and the new, the previously loved and unique.

As a crafter myself, I love to see what other people are creating. Artists around the world pour their heart and soul in their work in order for us to bring a little piece of France back home with us.

Some of these treasures are truly fragile. I’ve definitely passed on a few purchases because I didn’t believe it would survive a trip through baggage claim. Then I found Pigee Post and fell in love.

Pigee Post is used by crafters all around the world to buy and sell their hand-crafted items. This spring’s trip to France, I will not need to worry about extra luggage and baggage fees. I will not need to worry about buying something that can’t manage the airlines baggage compartment.

The vendor will safely pack up your item, Pigee Post will pick it up and ship it to your home (with insurance!). When your trip is over, all your goodies will be waiting for you. And the best part? If Auntie Em falls in love with your new glazed ceramic vase, just visit the app and order a unique one just for her.

You can sign up for the app here and start getting ready for your next trip now!

Pigee Post offers a wonderful way for local artisans all around the world to connect with customers who are genuinely interested in the items. Plus, you know you’re getting a unique, one of kind gift. Not a mass produced knock off.

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