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I’m sure you’ve been in a foreign country, wandering the markets and shopping for souvenirs before. It’s the best part of any trip. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to communicate with makers in the marketplace, struggling with language barriers and converting currencies.

The Pigee App is a travel companion shopping app that allows buyers to communicate with sellers in other languages. It is available in most languages and can translate conversations between buyers and sellers in different countries.

The app includes a chat function, making it easy for buyers and sellers to connect. All you need to do is scan the QR code of the seller you want to communicate with. The conversation via the chat function will be automatically translated into your own language. Unless you want to switch it off, of course.

It also offers currency conversions, and you can make all payments to sellers in the app. After your purchase, the seller will carefully pack your item and ship it to your home. No worries about extra luggage or carrying your package back to the hotel.

What is the Pigee App, and What Can You Do With It Like language barrier

The Pigee App helps tourists save money and time while shopping in foreign countries. By communicating with sellers in their language, tourists can ask questions about the products they’re interested in. Negotiate prices and make sure they’re getting a good deal.

Since you’ve used the Pigee App for this purchase, that seller is now saved in the app. So when your mother-in-law falls in love with your beautiful scarf, you can order her her very own, and the seller will ship it.

You are getting a beautiful one of a kind item and supporting a small business simultaneously. It’s a win-win.

The Pigee App is available for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

The QR code system makes it incredibly easy to shop at local markets while traveling in a foreign country. By simply scanning the QR code of the seller, you are immediately connected with them and can start chatting in your language. This eliminates the need for complicated translations, which can often be inaccurate and time-consuming.

Communicating with International Sellers in Pigee: My Story

It was a brilliantly sunny Saturday morning when I set out to the local markets to buy some souvenirs. I had been on holiday in Indonesia for about two weeks. I wanted to bring home some special items for friends and family and personal treasures.

So far, I have spent most of my time shopping at big malls where everything is more or less standardized, but today would be different. This time I would explore the vast world of Jakarta’s street markets.

As soon as I got there, the first thing that caught my eye were these adorable handmade brooches with intricate patterns not unlike crochet work. The designs varied greatly, from traditional Indonesian to birds, cats, and even Mickey Mouse!

I asked how much they cost by asking, “Pak Harga berapa?” (Sir, what price?)

The seller replied with a price in Indonesian Rupiah. didn’t understand a word of it, but remembered my Pigee app offers translation in the chat function.

showed the seller my app and was thrilled that he used Pigee, too. I scanned the QR code on his screen, and we were connected in less than three seconds. We both smiled, beaming from ear to ear!

He was still smiling when he said: “You can speak using your language.”

I instantly felt relief wash over me as I realized that it wasn’t going to be difficult after all to communicate with sellers here. I wanted to buy two brooches this time, but the seller didn’t have any in my chosen colour.

He said that if I came back tomorrow, he would have some in stock, so off I went to explore the rest of the market.

Language barrier

Really Connecting with people on vacation

The following day when I returned to his stall, I found him with a massive smile on his face, holding two brooches covered in plastic wrap. He said they were especially for me! Unfortunately, my budget couldn’t accommodate the extra purchase. Still, with Pigee, I knew I could purchase the brooch later or even after my trip was over.

I thanked him profusely and headed to another booth selling wooden boxes decorated with intricate carvings. As soon as I arrived an old man was standing right in front of me, who eagerly wanted to show me his wares.

Once again, I asked, “Pak harga berapa?” but he replied by asking how much was in my pocket this time!

I couldn’t help but smile and open the Pigee app in preparation for what might come next. Sadly, this seller didn’t use Pigee and didn’t seem to want to start.

It’s straightforward to start using the app, and I hope more shopkeepers start using it. Supporting small businesses is a cause close to my heart. I’d much rather buy from locals than large multi-national companies.

He didn’t mention speaking Indonesian or using the Indonesian currency, which made me wonder if these exchanges would have been more accessible with automatic translations via Pigee. 

It seems that without the translations, it’s very likely that I will end up getting ripped off due to miscommunication! And it’s not just Indonesians who are trying to make a living in the market, but also many others who are selling their products here.

With so many languages supported, I don’t see any difficulty communicating with international sellers! The QR code system makes it so easy to connect. I can’t wait for my next trip!

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