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If there is one thing that we can all agree on as a society, it’s that we all tend to overpack for trips. Whether it’s your long weekend to the islands or a family vacation to Europe. We are all playing with fire as we try to cram trendy outfits, extra shoes, and frivolous gadgets into our luggage. Making the airline workers question our personal choices. And that’s just describing the excruciating journey to get to your holiday destination. With exactly zero margin of error to spare. It’s no wonder that almost all travellers struggle when trying to buy souvenirs, gifts, or local art we feel connected to. Here we show you the essential guide to shopping in Mexico.

With no room our baggage, and not much willingness to throw out prized possessions. It’s a sad and overplayed ultimatum that many of us face, with little recourse. But that is exactly what Pigee is here to help with. Our company is able to connect with the local artist, street vendor, or gallery you fell in love with. To make sure your newly prized possessions get to your home. Safely, efficiently, and without the hassle you’re desperately trying to avoid.

So, what can you do when shopping abroad? You’re in Mexico and you find a Mayan tapestry, molcajete, or large wooden bowl that fits your home aesthetic. However, buying it might mean you’re tossing half your luggage weight away or spending more money on getting your art home than the art costs. Well, you can just pay for overweight baggage right; how bad could it be? Well for international airlines, you’re looking at $75-$100 just if the bag is any amount over the weight limit. And that’s just where the price starts!


Well shipping works right, that’s how most goods get from point A to point B. True, but it’s not that easy, and not as affordable as you’d hope. Many international galleries and vendors will offer shipping, but the upcharges they can quote you can greatly vary. There is no standard rate or person bargaining on your behalf, so you just have to hope for the best. And once you negotiate a price and put some serious prayers into hoping the package gets onto the right truck. To the right distribution center, on the right ship, and so forth. What reassurances do you have that it will get to your home undamaged. Even when using internationally renowned shippers like FedEx or DHL.

There is still plenty that can go wrong from the street side shack where you bought the art. If you’re thinking that worse case, the insurance will cover the cost. Well that might be a pretty big gamble on your new belongings, especially if they’re extremely valuable or fragile.

So, you’re still in Mexico and while you’ve fallen in love with some local art. You’re juggling all these worries while the artist is trying to negotiate the best price. And assure you that there is definitely no need to worry. Well, the wise and experienced traveller is going to take advantage of Pigee. Pigee uses advanced digital technology to connect directly with the street vendors you’re buying from. And help get your package home safely. Without having to make extra room you can’t afford in your suitcase or pay exorbitant fees.

Less luggage

Therefore, when you’re buying that 10kg Mayan tapestry, you can use the Pigee app to connect with the vendor and the correct shipping method, and Pigee takes care of the rest. That’s right! You don’t need to lug it back to your hotel or rush to the post office on the other side of town. You simply just continue on with your day and enjoy the best shopping in Mexico with ease.

When you leave, your art will have a corresponding tracking number that will allow you to track your shipment every step of the way. The vendor will hand the tapestry to the delivery driver. They will check it in at the distribution centre. Before you know it, it will be at your front step in no time.

That is the beauty of Pigee. We remove the hassle, the negotiating and figuring out international shipping logistics. Whilst providing real assurances that your package will get home safely. There’s no more need to say a prayer each night, hoping that your sculpture is properly handled. And if it wasn’t, praying that your insurance claim will actually work (who really understands insurance anyway).

Mexican girl luggage
Mexican girl luggage

Local Market

The benefits don’t stop there. Now that you don’t have to choose between your luggage and newfound art. The limit to what you can buy does not exist! You are no longer limited to small knickknacks, a tiny painting, or one handmade ceramic salad bowl instead of the whole set. With Pigee the world is your local market, and you should treat it as such. And if you’re not sure where to start. Pigee already has a list of trusted vendors to get you started on your journey. Simply open the map section of the app. You will be thrust into an interactive display that shows you local vendors nearby.

Using Pigee, shopping in local markets has truly never been easier and stress-free. Technology has been an incredible tool to connect all of us all over the world with each other. Including food, art, music, and culture. Now more than ever, people want to take these little pieces of their travels home. To incorporate these worldly influences into their everyday life. While cost, knowledge, and inconsistency of international shipping have been along time barrier to buying local art. Pigee has undoubtedly removed these obstacles. Now, for the first time, authentic art from genuine craftsmen around the world is truly at your fingertips.

So, the next time you’re in Mexico, or anywhere Pigee operates (the list is constantly expanding). Have an extra drink and get ready to start your carefree shopping spree. The shopping options are endless, the guarantees are comforting, and the whole process is easy and efficient. But don’t just take our word for it. Go to the app store now, check out our reviews. And start browsing local vendors to bring art to your home that is one of a kind!

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