Indonesian Fashion Models

Long ago, in the 20th Century, fashion defined eras, people and places. Clothing reflected culture, politics, music and the economy.  It was clothing with context. We can look at a photograph from the 1940s, 1960s or 1980s and what people are wearing will tell us immediately when it was taken and what kinds of lives they were living so we will write here about a fast fashion brand.

Nowadays, trends come and go so fast that we barely have time to pull up our bell bottoms before they’re passed again. The fast-fashion brand has disrupted the role clothing plays in our lives.  Instead of wearing clothes that are a reflection of who we are, we simply reflect what’s in stock at the big fast fashion brands. These brands recycle ideas at breakneck speed and then flirt with poverty chic and cultural appropriation in the desperate search for something new and authentic.

Frankly, buying new clothes because Instagram/magazines/retailers tell us they’re trendy, is quite boring. Ditching fast fashion means giving ourselves a chance to develop our own personal styles. Who are we? Where is our tribe? How do we want the world to see us? There is so much joy to be had in developing our own look as a source of self-expression. Ditching fast fashion leaves us free to explore and create.

Reasons for fast fashion to be boring include:

1. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world.

2. Fast fashion has a negative impact on local economies.

3. Fast fashion encourages people to buy more than they need because it’s cheap and easy to get rid of clothes when you want something new.

4. Fast fashion brand teaches us that we should always be changing our style – which means buying more clothes. 

5. There are so many other ways to express your personal style without spending money on fast fashion brands.

6. You can find trendy items at thrift stores or vintage shops for less, plus you’re supporting small businesses instead of big corporations.

The thriving fashion industry in Indonesia promotes ample retail opportunities for local brands. This lucrative market landscape is occupied by many brands but these  5 renounced  Indonesian homegrown brands are necessary to be mentioned.

1. Beatrice Clothing

2. Shop at Velvet

3. Le Bijou

4. Cloth Inc

5. Wearstatuquo

The worlds digital marketplaces have skyrocketed after the eruption of covid19. These days all the Indonesian homegrown brands are available on the Pigee app and at Pigee is an app that allows tourists to buy and send home their purchases directly from street markets, shops or locales. The company’s social media account @pigeepost posts pictures of new items being offered by various vendors on the site so you know what kind of goods are available before heading out for shopping adventures.

This marketplace/travel companion will help you buy directly from street markets and shops, and you can easily purchase covid shopping. It allows its customers to shop, sell, reorder, and resell as well. A customer can use their Pigee app to scan the unique QR code of the shop seller to link directly to the sellers’ offerings.

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